8 Tips to Cure Prostatitis

8 Tips to Cure Prostatitis

A condition causing inflamed, tender, and the sore prostate gland is called prostatitis. 

For making it easier to understand let’s go into a little detail. The prostate gland an important part of the male reproductive system, located just beneath the urinary bladder is involved in the production of the fluid component of the semen. It provides the medium via which the sperms are easily transferred to the female’s reproductive system. 

The condition is mainly caused by a bacterial infection in the area that can cause pain, difficulty in urinating, and can also hinder your sexual activities. There can be several reasons causing prostatitis and many are still unknown. 

Here are some extremely easy and beneficial health tips to help you to cure prostatitis once and for all. So, Let’s Get Started!

Cure Prostatitis Once And For All

Just like any other problem, in the case of prostatitis as well, there can be two ways to go about it. Either you can go for the quick but temporary methods or you can choose the healthier and long-lasting methods. 

Traditional Methods

  • Antibiotics

Antibiotics will be the first choice of your doctor to help relieve this condition. Being caused by bacterial outgrowth, to treat severe conditions of prostatitis the use of antibiotics becomes inevitable. These are only to be used after consulting your doctor. 

  • Anti-inflammatory Agents

Another way to treat the painful inflammation is to use non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory agents. These painkillers only help relieve pain till the causing agent (bacteria) is eradicated from the body. Pain killers alone cannot cure the condition, there still lies the need to cure the bacterial infection.

  • Supplements

Sometimes reduced levels of zinc can also cause sensitivity and swelling of the prostate gland. 

For that, taking zinc supplements can also help cure this condition. It will help reduce the inflammation which will consequently resume normal painless urination.  


The previously described tips were to quickly relieve the severe bacterial infection. But if you are looking for healthier and effective ways to prevent this condition, then the following section is a must-read. 

Healthier and Organic Methods

  • Organic Products

Going for organic products is always the safest option. Similarly, for prostatitis, organic products have come up to be very effective. They give long-term relief with no side effects. The best choice among different organic products— Prostalgene 100% Organic Drops. Prostalgene is a blend of different plant-based ingredients that are extremely beneficial against prostatitis. It helps cure the condition by naturally boosting your immune system. It will also help prevent prostatitis from coming back. 

  • Prostatic Massage

Having a good massage can also help relieve the pain and swelling. It will also help remove the inflammation making urination back to easy and normal. Prostatitis can sometimes also cause lower back pain which can be quite disturbing. Prostatic massage also helps ease out the muscle tightness giving a soothing effect.

  • Warm Bath

Soaking in a warm bath for 2-3 minutes can also help reduce pain and swelling. You can also use heating pads for faster relief. 

  • Healthy Diet

For keeping prostatitis from coming back you need to follow a healthy diet. Food has the most important link with all our body functions. Avoiding alcohol, fizzy drinks, and caffeine-containing beverages is very important in keeping the urogenital tract safe from infections. Drink lots and lots of water to rule out any chances of UTIs. 

  • Lifestyle Changes  

Leading a sedentary lifestyle and sitting for long periods can be a cause of UTIs. Change your lifestyle for the better. Keep your body moving throughout the day even if you have to do some extra effort for it. A healthy and active lifestyle helps prevent several health conditions.

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